Thursday, March 26, 2015

#6: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Elections / Grade 5

Curriculum Connection: English Curriculum Grades V, VI objectives 3.4; 4; 2.2;
Class Context and Needs: Elementary classroom, basic level learners
Materials:  Activities: Text book “English World 4” ( student’s Book p.48) A poster; A computer; Hand outs; A ballot box; Ballots; A voting booth.

Assessment: Presentation so called “campaign” group work, writing exercises on p.50

Overall Objective: Ss will find out how pots, baskets, candles are made
Language Objective: Ss will practice “Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives and they will use new vocabulary
Civic Objective: Ss will develop awareness of voting and they’ll participate in voting
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

 T asks Ss to look at the poster and name the objects which they can see.
T asks Ss “which of the objects do you use at home and how often?”
Activity 1

 Give Ss a few min. to talk to a partner and find out “which of the objects do they use at home and how often?”
Activity 2

Ask Ss to show pink color paper it they often use pots, blue for baskets, yellow one for candles and white for cloth. Put Ss in groups according to their color paper.
Activity 3

Ask Ss to write down their support reasons why they think that the object is the most useful and then make a presentation in front of the class, this will be their” campaign”.
Activity 4

Deliver the Ss the “Ballot” and explain them that this piece of paper is called “ballot” and they should tick and make choice which is the most useful object for them
Activity 5

Then they should go into the voting booth in turn and put the ballot in the ballot box. And also tell them that each person who takes part in voting is called “a voter”
Activity 6

Ask Ss to open their student’s book and look at  the text on p.48 and tell them that they will listen to cassette about “making things we use” and follow the text in the book.
deliver the Ss handouts describing how to make a pot and ask them to put the stages in order in groups (jigsaw exercise)

ask Ss to open their text book and do the exercises on page 50 and then check them together.
Presentation so called “campaign” group work [example jigsaw;] and writing exercises on page 50

Handout 1

Which is the most useful object for you? (tick next to your choice )

o A pot

o A basket

o A candle

o Cloth

Handout 2

Handout 3

How to Make a Pot