Thursday, March 26, 2015

#31: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Holidays/ Grade 3

Curriculum Connection

Class Context and Needs:  Elementary classroom, basic level learners

 Materials:  papers, crayons, board.

Activities:  warm up, sharing students’ holidays, picture presentation, oral presentations.

Assessment: Posters and oral presentation

Overall Objective: students will use English words to describe their favourite Georgian holiday.
Language Objective: students will use a new vocabulary to describe a personal experience.
Civic Objective: Students will focus on a holiday as  a personal and cultural event
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Teacher asks students to think about what their favourite holiday is and to write the name of the holiday.
Activity 1

Teacher asks students to share their choice of holiday and puts the students into groups that share the same holiday.
Activity 2

Teacher asks each group to share the sentences about the holiday and to draw the pictures.
Activity 3

Teacher asks students to stand at the board. Students stick the picture on the board and tells the class about his/her holiday.
Activity 4

Collect work
Activity 5

Activity 6


Posters and oral presentation