Thursday, March 26, 2015

#30: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Vocational and Life Choise / Grade 8-10

Lesson Topic: Vocational and life choise

Overall objective: student will be able to practice pre-reading, while reading and post reading activities on a text about work or business.

Language objectives: students will be able to identify vocabulary important to understand text.

Civic education objectives: students will be able to work in pairs to find main ideas details and discuss jobs or business.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stage Timing
5 minutes
Warm up activity to introduce the topic
Whole class
Look at the picture and the title and predict.think about this questions 1.Is Colin’s Coffee shop open or closed? How do you know?2. what does out of business mean? 3. Is there a store in your city or community that went out of business?explain
Handout 1
10 minutes
Activity 1
Pair work
Make a list of the stores in your city or community. Put them in 2 groups: locally owned and chain and write its advantages and disadvantages
Handout 2
5 minutes
Activity 2
Before they read the text teacher hands out newsletter that is called the Captain’s Call.they must check the words which will be in that newsletter.
Handout 3
10 minutes
Activity 3
Give the text beforehand to the students to find out new words and learn the meaning  and read the text.
Handout 4
5 minutes
Activity 4
Pair work
After the reading teacher ask questions what is the thesis of this Captain’s Call?which  benefites are for Captain Video offers?

5 minutes
Activity 5
After this teacher gives the students handout 5, read the sentences and check which  one is true.
Handout 5
5 minutes
Whole class
Teacher does feedback: what is happening in Georgia economy? Which jobs are disappearing?which job areas are growing? Why are you learning English?



Handout 1
Look at the picture. Discuss the questions with the class.

     1.    Is Colin’s Coffee shop open or closed? How do you know?

     2.    What does out of business mean?

     3.    Is there a store in your city or community that went out of business?explain

  Handout 2





READING ONE: the Death of the Family-owned Video Stores?

Richard Woodroof is the owner of Captain Video. Captain Video is a family-owned video store in Stamford, Connecticut. Mr Woodroof sends a newsletter to all his customers. The newsletter is called The Captain’s Call.

1.    Work with a partner . Before you read,think about The Captain’s Call. Check the words you think you will see in this newsletter.

-------- community             -------goal             ------service
-------expert                        ------online           ------support
-------gallery                        ------rare               ------volunteer

   Handout 4

   2.Read the article from The Captain’s Call.

   The death of the family-owned video store?
Large chain store are killing family-owned business in Stamford. First Borders Book, a large chain store, opened, and then a small bookstore went out of business. Then Rite Aid, a large drugstore chain opened and a small drugstore went out of business. Small stores can’t compete with these large chain stores.

Other family-owned businesses in Stamford are in danger: a hardware store, a barbershop, an office supply store, an electronics store and a video store – Captain Video. If you don’t do something now, your life in Stamford will change forever.

Today a big video chain store, Blockbaster, opened in Stamford. Now our store is in danger

Captain Video can stay in business only if you help. You, our loyal customers,know the benefits Captain Video offers. They are:

v  Selection – we have more  movies than other video stores in Stampord. We have more than 15,000 DVDs and video games. We are always adding more.

v  Service – the employees at Captain Video love movies and know a lot about them, so we can give personal service to all our customers.

v  Prices – because of competition with Blockbaster,we had to increase our prices a little. But we still have great discounts. For example, when we rent more than one movie, you pay less.we also have longer rental times on most DVDs and games.

Thank  you for being loyal customers. Please continue to support Captain Video and other family-owned businesses. With your support we can stay open
Life in Stamford will change forever without family-owned businesses.
Only YOU can stop the chain stores from changing Stamford. 

  Handout 5

        1. What is happening in Georgia economy?

2.Which jobs are disappearing?

3.Which job areas are growing?

     4.Why are you studing English?