Thursday, March 26, 2015

#20: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: National Holidays / Grade 6


Overall Objective: Students will be able to read about ,discuss and find differences and similarities between Catholic Christmas and Orthodox Christmas.
Language Objective: Students will be able to use new vocabulary,they read and discuss.
Civic Objective: Students will be able to compare a holiday in Catholic and Orthodox reilgious

Stage of Lesson



Warm Up

Ask students how they celebrate Christmas in their homes.
Ask students to name the words and phrases which are connected with this topic.

10 minutes

Activity 1

Pass out( hand out 1) and ask students to read in pairs and
then complete half of the graphic organizer( hand out 2).

15 minutes

Activity 2

Ask students to discuss and then fill out Venn Diagram
(Hand out 3) comparing Catholic Christmas and Orthodox Christmas.

10 minutes


Ask students to match  new words with their definations .
( Hand out 4)

5 minutes


5 minutes

Handout 1

How the Catholic celebrate Christmas

     Catholic celebrate Christmas on December 25.Its time families gathering and sharing the gifts. Santa is one of the most  important figure. People decorate their homes and yards.Traditional colors are red, green and gold. They decorate fir-trees with lights and silver toys.Families have special Christmas dinner and of course food is different. For example gravy, turkey or goose, potatoes ,pudding ,fruit cake. Traditional Christmas cards is very important.Cards are wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.You can hear Christmas carol ‘jingle bells’.You also see hanging wreath on the doors.





Carol-ხალხური სიმღერა


How Orthodoxs celebrate Christmas
In Georgia Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January .At Christmas Eve people light the candle and put it on the window sill.It means that Christ is coming in their homes. In the Orthodox church special services are hold and prayers pray for God. There is a special tradition which is called “alilo”. People go in the street by carriage and share different kinds of food people who are  poor.Children sing carols which is called “alilo”.Georgians treaditional food for Christmas is“satsivi” and dessert is “gozinaki”.


Window sill -ფანჯრის რაფა


Special services-წირვა


    Handout 2

Handout 3

 Handout 4

           1)      Match new words with their definitions:

1)      Gift                a) to make more attractive
2)      Card               b) a building for public especially Christian worshop
3)      Church            c) a ring circlet of flowers or leaves hung as a decoration
4)      Carol              d) to present something
5)      Wreath            e) a song of praise or joy, especially for Christmas
6)      Decorate          f) a picture on one side