Thursday, March 26, 2015

#19: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions / Grade 9

Overall Objective: students will develop their reading skills;

Language Objective: students will deepen their vocabulary knowledge about sport;

Civic Education Objective: students will be able to realize more familiar snowboarding as a kind of sport;

Curriculum Connection: snowboarding and life choice

Class Context and Needs: secondary class

Materials: attached

Activities: warm up, pre reading, reading, postr reading, discussion, writing, matching

Assessment: students post reading discussion
Overall Objective: students will develop their reading skills
Language Objective: students will deepen their vocabulary knowledge about sport
Civic Objective: students will be able to realize  more familiar snowboarding as a kind of sport;

Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Show slides about winter sports;
Activity 1

Students look at pictures and they should write the words about picture. They try to guess what is the text about;
Activity 2

Students look in the text quickly, than write down about most important points from the text. They say it individually;
Activity 3

Students read the text carefully, they should answer the questions. tick the true/ false sentence ;
Activity 4

Students try to connect new words with the definitions;
Activity 5

Students fill the grammar chart;
Activity 6

Discussion about the phrase which is given at the end of the text, they try to corresponds other professions to this phrase, and try to  discussions advantages and disadvantages of other professions;

Warm up: Teacher asked the students if what winter sports they know. Students try to say. Then teacher say - let’s see it on the monitor nowadays how may winter sports do exist. Show the slides about winter sports, each sport’s name is written on the slides. On the firs slide, there are written all winter sports which are represented on other slides, Teacher asked the students to read them. Each student read just two sport and mentions her/his opinion, is she/he familiar to this sports or not? If she/he is say does she/he like it and why.  After these titled slides, there are some photos without name, so teacher check his/her pupils how they remember winter sports and ask them to guess the sports name from the photos. At the end of the presentations there are some main points from the new text (which teacher prepared for reading activities). Teacher says that their lessons topic is snowboarding and asks them: - what do you know about this sport? Do you know how many types of snowboarding exist nowadays? After students answer teacher show slides and explain  the types of snowboarding. To the end of the presentation teacher say thanks to the students for their attention.
Activity 1 teacher gives students a photo and asks them to describe the picture. They should write down the names of things which they can see on the photo. Than Students say what they wrote individually. After that teacher asks students if they are able to guess what is the text about from this picture.
Activity 2 teacher give their students text and asks them to the text quickly and them try to write down some important points which they remembered from the text. After that teacher asks them to read it, and each of students have a chance to say his/her notes about the text.
Activity 3 Teacher asks pupils to read the text attentively, than close the papers and try to answer the questions.   Gives them 2 minutes to do this, after those pupils read each of questions with its answers and teacher check this.
Teacher gives them another task. It is true/false sentence. Teacher gives the instructions to tick the right sentences, to correct false sentences according the text. Teacher asks each of students to read them.
Activity 4  Teachers says to connect the new word to their definitions; then students read it loudly ad teacher check at those moment.
Activity 5 Teacher asks students to fill the grammar chart. She/he gives them instructions: find the suitable grammar sentence (past simple, present perfect, present preset continues) in the text, fill it in the chart. Teacher asks them to read it loudly.
Activity 6 teacher asks the students to read the phrase which is at the end of the text. Teacher asks the questions:
Do you agree with these statements or not? And why? What do you think, is this phrase suitable for any other profession (please, say which professions are these) or it’s just for snowboarding? What advantages and disadvantages do the snowboarding have?  Which professions need take a risk ad why? Which is your dream profession? What do you think, which professions earns a lot of money? Which are the most popular winter sports in our country? Which are the  most popular professions?

Teacher gives students HOMEWORK: choose two winter sports and make a presentation about it.

Handout #1

           Part of the thrill of any sport is competition, so it’s not surprising that snowboarders have been vying with one another almost since the first riders took to the slopes. The very first snowboarding contest, a small event called King of the Mountain, took place
in Leadville, Colorado, in 1981. That was followed the next year by the first National Snowboarding Championship at Suicide Six Ski Area in Vermont.
           By 1983, such contests were so popular that Jake Burton and Tom Sims
organized competing championships, Burton’s in Snow Valley, Vermont, and Sims’s in the Lake Tahoe region of California. Meanwhile, in 1985 Austria hosted the first World Cup of Snowboarding. Most ski resorts offer competition opportunities for snowboarders of all skill levels. For more advanced boarders, many resorts offer season-long competition programs, complete with coaching, intensive training, and frequent contests.

 Currently, there are four main categories of snowboarding competition:
Alpine racing. As in slalom skiing events, snowboarders race downhill making sharp turns around a series of flags, or “gates,” and the competitor with the fastest time wins. Races may be designated slalom, giant slalom, and super giant slalom.
Slope style. Boarders descend a course while performing jumps and stunts on a series of  obstacles, which include boxes, rails. Judges score competitors on the difficulty, variety, and execution of their tricks.
Halfpipe. Competitors speed from one side of the snowy trench to the other, performing tricks while in the air above the sides of the pipe. Judges rate the tricks on difficulty, the cleanness of the performance and the landing, and the amount of “air,” or how high the rider soared while doing the trick.                                                             
Snowboarders race down a course patterned after a motorcycle motocross track, with jumps, berms, and other obstacles made of snow. Competitions consist of a series of rounds, or heats. The rider who finishes first in the last round is the overall winner.

Snowboarding has become so popular that major competitive events are held all over the world and offer prizes of up to a quarter of a million dollars.
Like other sports, snowboarding has produced its share of stars who are skilled businesspeople as well as talented athletes. One of the best known is 23-year-old Shaun White, who has been a professional rider since he was 14. Known as the Flying Tomato because of his long red hair, the California native has won eight gold medals.
 Snowboarding coach Jim Smith, in his book, The Art of Snowboarding, describes the sport thus: “When you do it and do it right, you are doing it like no one else. It’s  individual—an art form as much as a sport…”

Pre-reading Task, Scanning

Directions: you have 2 minutes to scan the texts and answer the questions. When the time finishes and you’ll hear  ,,stop!” please, stop working immediately.

        1) When did the first snowboarding contest take place?
a)     1372
b)    1980
c)     1981
d)    2000
       2) Who did organize the championship?
a)     Jake Burton
b)    Tom Sims
c)     James Cook
d)    Sharman Popper
       3) How many main styles do you know?
a)     2
b)    4
c)     5
d)    6
       4) Who is the best known professional rider?
a)     Shaun White
b)    Sharman Popper
c)     Jake Burton
d)    Tom Sims

 Tick the true sentences:

1.    The first snowboarding contest was so huge event and it  took place in Louisiana.

2.     Leadville, Colorado hosted the first World Cup of Snowboarding.

3.    For more advanced boarders, many resorts offer season-long competition programs, which include coaching, intensive training, and frequent contests.

4.    Currently, there are four main categories of snowboarding Competition:  alpine         racing, slope style, biathlon and boarder cross.

5.    Competitions consist of a series of rounds, or heats. The rider who finishes first in the last round is the overall winner. It’s about style of boardercross.

 Find the definitions:  
Ski resorts

a) a competition in which people try to win something

b) a situation, an event, etc. that makes it difficult for you to do or achieve

c) A place where  a lot of people go on holiday/vacation: seaside/ski/mountain     

d) a race for people on skis or in canoes along a winding course marked by poles

e) several different sorts of the same thing

f) something happening or doing something often

g) a wooden or metal bar placed around something as a barrier or to provide support

h) an area of ground at the side of a road; a raised area of ground at the side of a river or canal

i)skill in performing or making something, such as a piece of music or work of art….

j) to compete strongly with somebody in order to obtain or achieve something

K) a dangerous and difficult action 

l) a skilful act performed or entertainment or amusement

Look at the grammar explanation attentively:

Past simple: verb + ed, or use the irregular forms.
For example: play – played, go-went…
Present perfect: have, has + verb (with third form, if it is regular verb+ ed)
For example: I have been there three weeks ago.
                       He hasn’t played yet.
Preset perfect continues: have, has + been (to be  with third form) + verb +ing
For example: I have been writing

Find the suitable forms from the text and complete the grammar chart

Past simple
Preset perfect 
Preset perfect continues







 Choose two winter sports and do the presentation about them.

Presentation Materials