Thursday, March 26, 2015

#17: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Professions / Grade 4

Class context and needs: Elementary classroom.  Grade 4
Materials:   text , worksheets,

Activities:    Warm up, eliciting  vocabulary, discussion, reading,  short writing.
 Overall Objectives: Students learn reading strategy and  new  vocabulary  about professions
Language Objectives: Students will be able to revise regular and irregular  verbs and vocabulary such as  doctor, pilot, painter, singer.
Civic Education Objective:  Students will list the  professions and make a poster about their future profession.

Stage of the Lesson
Warm Up

Activity 1

Ask students to brainstorm with a partner a list of professions which they know

Make a class list

Teacher shows  posters to students and asks to express their opinions  about it, name the things that they see on the posters

2 minutes

3 minutes

5 minutes
Activity 2
Students  looks through the  text  individual and  make multiple choice activity.

8  minutes
Activity 3
Teacher gives students  text  one more time and asks to underline the verbs in the past

5  minutes
Activity 4
Students making a timeline about  ‘’Sally’s Poster’’  using the time

10 minutes
Activity 5
Students making  the activity by writing words in the correct place under the posters

5  minutes

Handout 1

Read the text and circle the correct   answer:

1. Sally woke up at      …………….
a. 7:00      b.   07:50     c.  07:55

2. The  first lesson was    ……………….
a. English      b. Art         c. Maths

3. The teacher was    Mrs.   ………………….
a.   Merry    b.  Nelly    c.  Molly

4.   The lesson was about     …………………..
a. Music     b.  professions     c. sports

5.    Sally made a poster of a    ………………….
a.  doctor    b.  singer        c. pilot

Handout 2

Sally’s Poster

It was Monday. Sally woke up at 07:50.    She got up and looked through the window.    It was bright sunny day.   Sally went to the bathroom, washed her face and hands at 07:55. The she dressed and at 08:20 mother called her for breakfast. At  08:40   took her bag and went to school.
On Monday’s the  first lesson was English. Sally liked her teacher Mrs. Marry very much. At 9:00 o’clock English lesson started. The topic of the lesson was professions and at the end of the lesson teacher asked students to make a poster about their favorite profession.
At 2 o’clock, after the lessons, Sally went at home. All the way home and during the dinner she was thinking what was the profession she liked the most. Sally didn’t know what to choose:

At   5 o’clock   Sally  started making  her English home-work.
“I want to be a pilot”  
    She decided to draw a poster of a pilot
 The next day Sally went to school.  The teacher liked her poster. Everybody clapped hands. Sally was very happy.

Handout 3

Write the words under the pictures:

Pilot            Doctor             Singer        Helmet                 Painter           Goggles              Teacher               Gardener          Policewoman         Helicopter          Fireman