Thursday, March 26, 2015

#14: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Elections / Grade 4

Curriculum Connection
Foreign language level  III.11
Foreign language level III.6
Foreign language level III.5

Class Context and Needs Elementary classroom.

Materials Posters, handouts, video song, computer, markers, board, sheets of paper.

Activities  Picture-discussing activity,poster-discussing activity,singing activity,voting activity,counting the votes activity.

Assessment Visual representations.

Overall Objective: Voting,Students conduct a class vote.
Language Objective: Learning new words.
Civic Objective: Participating in a class vote.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

Teacher gives students pictures of different seasons and asks them to describe them to their partners(Teacher makes sure the students talk English)
Activity 1

Teacher asks students to look at the posters on the board and describe them.The students talk about 4 seasons,their favourite ones.
Activity 2

Singing a song,firstly,students listen the song,then teacher gives them the texts of this song.Students try to memorise the words and therefore the movements of the song.After that they sing it together.
Activity 3

Teacher gives students the ballots and asks them to choose their favourite ones.Students vote for their favourite season.
Activity 4

Counting the votes.
Activity 5

Finding out which season is the winner and the winner season’s team gets stickers,gets hugs and congratulations.

Warm-up Materials

Activity 1

Activity 2

1)What’s your favourite?what’s your favourite?

              Season,   Season.

   What’s your favourite?What’s your favourite?


2) I like spring, I like spring. . .
    The flowers bloom,the flowers bloom. . .
     I like summer,I like summer. . .
    It’s hot outside,it’s hot outside. . .

3)What’s your favourite?what’s your favourite?

   What’s your favourite?what’s your favourite?

4) I like fall,I like fall. . .
    Leaves change colour,leaves change colour
    I like winter,I like winter
    I love the snow,I love the snow. . .

  What’s your favourite?what’s your favourite?