Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lesson Plan: Colors

by Natia Surguladze, Village Chianeti Public School English Language Teacher

Grade: 1

Time: 35 min

Topic: Colors

Overall Objective: Students will be able to learn colors and use them to color different shapes and use        them to describe subject.

Language Objective: Students will learn target (8-10) colors.
Warm up: I show them posters with different colors of flowers on it. I name the color and they repeat (twice) (5 min)

Activity 1: Students listen to color song first. Then they listen to it and chant. (6 min)

Activity 2: Teacher distributes the handout to each students with smiley faces and ask them to color it with the color teacher names. (7-10 min)

Activity 3: Teacher shows them different color of objects and asks various students to name what color it is. ( 3-4 min)

Activity 4: Game: Teacher puts 7-8 color pieces of paper on the table. She/he names the color and students have to touch the color. The first one who touches the color gets it. The Students with most colors wins. (5 min)

Homework: Teacher gives them some shapes to color with different colors. (2 min)

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