Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vocations: Scaffolded Tasks (Rita Tukvadze, Kutaisi #21)

Circle the right answer:

1)   Peter Palmer is a farmer, he ……….
a)   bakes bread
b)   has got cows, pigs and sheep
c)   prepares and cooks food
2)   Nigel Naylor is a tailor, he …………
a)   makes trousers, suits and shirts.
b)   sings songs
c)   drives trucks and cars.
3)   Wendy Witter is  a babysitter, she…..
a)   minds the kids when they are asleep
b)   flies a plane
c)   paints pictures.
4)   Penny Proctor is a doctor, she…….
a)   serves people food and drink
b)   fixes cars
c)   comes to see people when they feel bad
5)   Mabel Meacher is a language teacher, he……
a)   grows food
b)   teaches English, French and Greek
c)   looks after people’s health
6)   Patty Prentice is a dentist, she….
a)   solves problems on computer
b)   makes us feel happy
c)   keeps your teeth clean and white
7)   Ronnie Rymon is a fireman, he….
a)   fights fires
b)   plants flowers and trees
c)   cuts men’s hair.

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