Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scaffolded Tasks (Ana Chachkhiani, Kutaisi #3)

Warmup - Volunteers
  1. What is a volunteer? Brainstorm in pairs examples.
  2. What different examples of volunteerism.
  3. Watch the 2 short video clips for examples.

Video Comprehension Questions:
  1. What examples of volunteer activities did you see in the videos?
  2. Write down as many as you remember. Which do you admire?
  3. Which ones do you think you could do in your community?
  4. Discuss with your partner your favorite examples, write them down.
  5. Share your results with 3 other students in the class.
Reading Task - VOLUNTEERS

There are many volunteers in the world. Some of them help people and some of them protect animals or do other things to improve the world and community around them. Marine life need our help and protection, and so you should not throw rubbish in the sea or oceans and try to keep them clean. In your community, do your best to protect nature and do not throw gum, papers, cans nor bottles in the street.

Real Stories from Volunteers:

“I am Lily and I am eleven years old. I am a volunteer. I help poor children and I gather money and buy clothes and toys for them. I went to the orphanage to meet the children and give them some gifts and to try  and make them happy.”

“I am Bob and I am a volunteer. I help homeless dogs. I give them food and shelter. It makes me feel good to help the animals and you can try it too.”

“I am Tom and I am seven. I never throw rubbish and I always help my mum when she needs a little help.”

Reading comprehension
  1. How old is Lily?   She is _______
  2. What does Lily do as a volunteer? She ____________
  3. What does Bob do to volunteer? He ______________
  4. What does Tom do to volunteer? He ______________

Discuss with partner:
  1. Which of these have you ever done?
  2. Which of these would you like to do?
  3. Write 2 sentences. What would you like to do as a volunteer? Why?

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