Monday, June 4, 2012

Sound Citizenship is..

  1. Note the images/words above. What theme or topic can you connect this with? 
  2. Write down as many words and phrases as you and your partner can think of. 
Pair/group activity:

Which statements do you believe are the correct way for a responsible citizen to act?
Mark ‘++’ (agree strongly), ‘+’ (somewhat agree), and ‘x’ (disagree) or ‘xx’ (strongly disagree).

Work with partner:  
  1. ______ Our city center does not have a park where children can play. There is no reason to try and convince the Mayor of our city to do anything about it because it is his decision about what to do.
  2. _______ Someone left their mobile phone in the restaurant, and a man came and took it and walked away. It was not his phone. A girl who saw him did not say anything to anyone and pretended she did not see it.
  3. _______ A man threw a bottle of beer onto the ground after he finished drinking. A woman who saw this picked it up and put it in the trash.
  4. _______ It is important for young men to join the military and fight as soldiers if their country is having a conflict or war with another country.
  5. _______ Writing a letter to a government official (such as the Mayor) is an important way to speak your opinion and to be heard as a citizen if you disagree strongly with something.
  6. _______ Voting is not necessary because elections for president and other government officials are always decided by other people anyways.
  7. _______It is essential to speak only your native language because it will preserve your culture.
  8. _______ It is important to receive information about what is happening in local community issues and national issues – by reading the paper, watching the news and reading internet articles.
  9. _______ It is not useful to pay taxes because we never have any benefits from our payment of taxes.
  10. _______ Protesting or marching in the street when there is a major issue that citizens are unhappy about because it is unfair or unjust is an important part of being a citizen.
Share and Compare your results with 2 other groups.

Choose one or two things where you selected ‘xx’ – what would you do as an active and responsible citizen for this situation? Discuss with your partner.

Writedown your three most important duties of citizens with your partner using the following template and present to another group:

As a responsible citizen you must _____________________. It is important because

 _________________________________________________. Also, you must

________________________________________. It is also important because

_______________________________________________________________. Finally,

the most important thing a citizen  should do is _______________________________.

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