Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Not Easy to be an Outsider

I.  Brainstorming and Outlining

While watching the video, write in your own words what happened in the story using the cues below. Don’t worry about writing complete sentences, but work quickly while you watch the video to write as much as you can. This will create a rough outline which you can modify later.

            First, the mother duck ….

            When the father duck saw one duckling looked different, he …

            Later, when the white duckling tried to swim with the other ducks…

            When the white duckling looked into the water, he…

            After a short time, the duckling joined some birds, but

            The little duckling felt very sad because..

            Finally, something interesting happened..

II.  Creating a Topic Sentence

Discuss with your partner - what is the main idea about this video?

Work with your partner to create one sentence that states what you think the main idea of this video is. Compare with one or two other groups; add any details to your sentence.

III. Editing/Rewriting

Now, go back to what you have written down and work with a partner to “clean up” the story together. Rewrite the sentences with the details that you both agree on together to form a paragraph. The main idea  is the first sentence of your paragraph; examples and details should logically follow the order of the outline.

Before video: (discuss with partner)

Have you ever felt like you were not part of the group an "outsider"?
How can we make someone feel better if they feel as an "outsider"?

After video:

Why is the young man depressed? What happened?
How is this video similar to the duckling video?
What do you think will happen to the boy when he returns?

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