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#16 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 7

#16 Third Competition for Teacher Generated Materials / National Symbols / Grade 7

Overall Objective: SWBA to learn the history of the national symbols (plants) and match them with the countries of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Language Objective: SWBA to learn the names of the  countries  (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and symbols of plants( shamrock, leek, thistle, daffodil and rose) of the UK and use them in vocabulary exercises.

Civic Education Objective: SWBA to identify and match national symbols with the countries of the United Kingdom.

Curriculum Connection: English Curriculum 7,07. 14,07.17,07.18.

Class Context and Needs: Basic level learners.

Materials: Handouts, laptop, pictures, board, chalk, papers, a question bag, mini whiteboard.

Activities: Describing a map of symbols.
                 Reading the text.
                 Answering the questions.
                 Playing the game.
                 Doing vocabulary exercises.
Assessment: To do multiple choice exercise  about the UK symbols.

Overall Objective: SWBA to learn the history of the national  symbols(plants) and match them with the countries of the UK.
Language Objective: SWBA to learn the names of the countries(England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and the symbols(rose, leek, thistle, daffodil, shamrock) of the UK and use them in vocabulary exercises.
Civic Objective: SWBA to identify and match  the national symbols with the countries of the United Kingdom.
Stage of Lesson
Warm Up

 To stick the map with the symbols of the UK on the board and ask the students to guess what they mean.
5 min.
Activity 1

 To give the students  reading text handouts. Ask them to read the text in pairs, underline the key words and then answer the questions using the ‘question bag.’
 In the ‘question bag’ the teacher puts the comprehensive questions written on the pink paper and the names of the students on the yellow paper, folds them and puts  into the ‘question bag’. The teacher asks the volunteer to come to the board and take out from the bag one pink paper with a question and one yellow paper with a student’s name. And all the students in turn answer the comprehensive questions around the text.

15 min.
Handout A.
 Activity 2

The teacher shows the  symbols(rose, leek, thistle, shamrock) on the laptop and the students name them. Then they write the symbols and new words on the board and play the game ‘hot seat’.
  One volunteer comes and sits on the chair with the back to the board. Another student tells the definition of the symbol or the new word written on the board and the volunteer  guesses the word. The teacher changes volunteers and everyone has the chance to take part in the game.
7 min.
Handout B.
Activity 3

 The teacher distributes the  handouts of matching exercise.(Match the symbols with the countries). The students do this exercise in pairs. Then they read out  the sentences and the teacher checks them.
8 min.
In pairs.
Handout C.

 The students write multiple choice exercise individually about the symbols of the UK and show the answers to the teacher and each other using the mini whiteboards.

10 min.
Handout 4.

       Handout A
        National   Symbols  Of The  United Kingdom.

  The symbol of England is a red rose. The red rose was the emblem of Lancastrians and  the white rose of the Yorkists  in the war of Roses(1455-1485) for the English throne. The war ended  by the marriage of Henry VII, the Lancastrians  with Princes Elizabeth, the Yorkist. The Red Rose has since become the  national emblem of England.
   An important symbol of Scotland is the thistle. Thistles are plants. They are beautiful but they are sharp too. An ancient story says that the enemies crossed the river to kill Scots in their sleep. They took off their shoes so as not to make a noise. But one of the enemies stepped on the thistle and cried with pain. The alarm was given in the Scot’s camp. For this help, the Scots took thistle  as a  national symbol.
   The most famous symbol of  Northern  Ireland is the shamrock. It has three leaves. Every Irish wears this national emblem on ST. Patrick’s day, March 17. The legend tells, that  ST. Patrick used the shamrock as an illustration of  mystery of the Trinity.
    The oldest symbol of Wales is a vegetable called a leek. Welsh people wear them on their coats on  ST. David’s Day, the Welsh national holiday. The link between the leek and ST. David is the belief that he  lived  for several years on bread and leek. Another symbol of Wales is daffodil.

Lancastrians-ლანკასტრიათა დინასტიის  წარმომადგენლები             
Yorkists -იორკისტთა დინასტიის  წარმომადგენლები                           
mystery- საიდუმლო                                                   
Thistle -ბრტყელეკალა                                                               
Alarm -განგაში                                                                       
link  -კავშირი          
Shamrock-  სამყურა                                                               
belief  -რწმენა 
ACTIVITY  1     

       Answer   the    following   questions:

 1.  What is the symbol of England?
 2.  Why did the red rose become the symbol of England?
 3.  What is the symbol of Scotland
 4.  Can you tell us short story why the thistle became the symbol of Scotland?
 5.  What is the symbol of Northern Ireland?
 6.  When do Irish people wear shamrock?
 7.  Why do  shamrock become national emblem of Northern Ireland?
 8.  What is the symbol of Wales?
 9.  When do the Welsh people wear the leek?
10. What is the link between the leek and St. David?
11. What is another symbol of Wales? 


Match  the  sentence  parts:

1 . Irish people wear on ST. Patrick’s Day                         a)  red rose

2.  They are beautiful  but sharp too                                   b)  kilts

3 . The symbol of England is                                              c)  shamrock

4.  Welsh people wear on ST. David’s Day                        d)  thistle

5.  Scottish men wear                                                          e)   the Queen

6. The UK has                                                                      f)   leek


1.    C    2. D    3. A     4. F    5. B     6. E 

Handout  C

Circle  correct answer:

1.    Welsh oldest national symbol is…..
a)    rose      b)  leek      c) lilac

2.    The UK consists of …..countries
a)     two         b) three     c) four

3.    The War of Roses was in…..
a) England              b) Scotland         c) Wales

4. Scottish symbol is…..
a)  shamrock                 b) rose                        c) thistle

5. Georgians are famous for their…..
a) playing football        b) love of animals         c) hospitality

6.  English  national  sport is……
a) rugby                  b) cricket               c) karate

7. Irish symbol is
a)  daffodil                b) thistle                c) shamrock

8 . Every Irish wears shamrock on
a)    ST. David’s Day          b) ST. Maria’s Day               c) ST. George’s Day


1.    B     2. C    3. A     4. C    5. C    6. B    7. C    8. A     

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