Thursday, March 26, 2015

#28: Competition for Teacher Generated Materials: Elections / Grade 12

GENERAL OBJECTIVES:  Students will be able to speak about school reforms, underline the problems and find solutions. answer why questions

LANGUAGE OBJECTIVES: Students will practice new vocabulary connected to the elections: ballot, elect , election booth, campaign, …

CIVIC OBJECTIVES : students will be able to arrange elections and elect private/ public school.

Teacher Activity
Student Activity
Think about school reforms.
.work in pairs and speak about school reforms in public and private schools
St. work in pairs speak about problems and solutions and present their ideas to the whole class.
There is poster papers on the wall and st. will write their ideas during the presentation
Teacher  divides  students into groups, asks them to prepare two minutes talk about the reforms in public / private schools one school to each group
St.. Work in groups

Teacher monitors , gives  instuctions

St.make presentations in front of the class

Teacher asks students to elect: private or public school
St.elect by election
The ballots are beforehand prepared

Teacher Activity
Students Activity
Teacher counts the results
That  group which wons the elections gives the arguments why they think so.

Feedback : teacher asks the questions: why do you want to study in public /private schools ?
St. sum up the advantages of public schools and disadvantages of private schools underline problems and solutions
They use posters which they make during the presentstions

It’s the example of the ballot and they are cut …………..

Private School     Yes  No                                 

Public  School      Yes   No