Monday, April 14, 2014

Lesson Plan: Volunteerism

by Nino Sarauli, Village  Mejvriskhevi Public School English Language Teacher

Overall Objectives: Ss will develop awareness of voluntarism and develop language related to rebuilding.
Language Objectives: Ss will use active verbs and new vocabulary.
Civic Education Objectives: Ss will   develop awareness of voluntarism  through a concrete example.

Warm-up (5 min): T writes the title of the text on the board. Asks Ss to predict what vocabulary is in the text. make a class word wall.

Activity 1  (13 min):  T distributes Ss (in pairs) jumbled text (handout 1). asks them to put in right order, share to the next pair and ask questions, such as : 'who is the farmer?' 'what did children decide?' (handout 2)

Activity 2  (7 min) : Teacher gives Ss handouts  where are given words : nail, saw, hammer... Teacher shows flashcards and Ss should raise the suitable  word.

Activity 3  ( 10 min) : T gives  Ss wrapped pictures, asks them to pass this packet as soon as the music starts. When music stops the student opens the packet and describes the picture. There is the sweet in the heart of the packet.

Assessment ( 8 min) : T distributes   handouts (pictures), Ss  use these handouts and write a short story.

Closure (2 min ) : Collect papers.(short story)

Handout 1

Handout 2

1) Who is the farmer?
2) What is wrong at the farm?
3) How much does the work cost?
4) Who come to the farm?
5) What did children decide?

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