Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lesson Plan: Festivals

by Nino Sarauli, Village Didi Mejvriskhevi Public School English Language Teacher

Overall Objectives: Ss will discover the cultural meaning of festivals in different seasons.
Language Objectives: Ss will learn new vocabulary and verbs to describe festivals.
Civic Education Objectives: Ss will realize differences between festivals in different seasons.
Grade: 5th
Warm-up (9 min):  Show the poster, ask students to tell what do they see there. Ask them ‘ which season is it?’ write words on the board.
Activity 1 (pre-reading) (15 min): 
·         In groups, ask Ss to answer the questions according the text.  The text* is on the wall. One member from each group runs , finds the answer in the text and writes on the handout (Handout 1).
·        One group reads the question and the answer, If other groups  have the same answer they show a ‘finger stick’.

Activity 2 (reading) (10 min) : Teacher distributes handouts, Ss read the text and underline new words. They list the words on the board.
Activity 3 (post-reading( ( 5 min) : Distribute handouts, ask Ss to make T or F activity (handout 2) and share with the partner.
Assessment ( 5 min) :  Ask Ss to write ‘which festival is interesting and why?’ in relation to words from the word bank (handout 3) .
Closure (1 min ) : Collect papers.

*Text: From the textbook ‘ English world’ ( Macmillan) Mary Bowen and Liz Hocking. Unit 11, page 108.

Handout 1

      What looks big in autumn?-----------------------------------------------------------------------
      What can you see in the snow? ------------------------------------------------------------------
            When is the festival in Scotland?-----------------------------------------------------------------
      Which festival happens in Spain?-----------------------------------------------------------------
      Who come from all over the world?--------------------------------------------------------------

Handout 2
Write True or false:

    1)  The autumn is harvest time.                                          T/F
    2)    The moon does not look very big.                                  T/F

    3)    A winter festival is in china.                                            T/F

    4)    There are ice statues and balls.                                      T/F

    5)    People make giant statues.                                             T/F

    6)    They use paper and wood.                                               T/F

    7)    They take the statues at home.                                        T/F

    8)    A summer festival is in Scotland.                                     T/F

    9)    There are plays every day.                                               T/F

    10)  Actors come from Georgia.                                             T/F

Handout 3

Which festival is interesting? Why?


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  3. you cannot use the verb "learn" in objectives. It's not an outcome, it's a process and it's not sth observable or mesaurable.

  4. you cannot use the verb "learn" in objectives. It's not an outcome, it's a process and it's not sth observable or mesaurable.