Monday, April 28, 2014

Lesson Plan: Career Development

by Nana Kikalishvili, Zugdidi Public School #3 English Language Teacher

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to write a motivation letter, develop a CV and present them.
Grade: 11

Stage 1

Activity 1: teacher checks homework (5 min)

Activity 2: warm-up; eliciting questions: (5 min; in pairs)
1) what is a CV? what kind of information should it include?
2) what is an application form/ motivation letter?

Stage 2:

Activity 1: students read a sample motivation letter and CV; they have to decide which summer job the author is applying for? why? (in pairs, 7min)

Activity 2: students read the motivation letter and CV again and find out whether the author gives the information about her/his qualifications in the motivation letter, in the CV or both? (3 min)

Activity 3: in pairs (3 min) students read a job announcement and decide what qualification,skills or experience would be useful for the job mentioned in the advert.

Stage 3

Activity 1: (group work, 10 min) students are divided into two groups (A/B); they have to create a CV and a motivation letter.

Activity 2: groups present their work (10 min)


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