Monday, November 25, 2013

Women Are Heroes! (vocabulary, grammar and activities for older learners)

Warm-up: Who is a hero? What is a hero? Women as heroes...

 The Power of Women Worksheet (handout and lyrics) - Have students use your computer lab and research these people to build computer and reseach skills. Where are/were they from? What did they do? - Use the video to reinforce grammar points, or to correct the worksheet. Assessment: have student construct sentences with the grammar pattern and vocabulary.
Older and higher-level students: What makes a person great? What has usually been the role of women in most societies? - Create a fill-in-the-gap worksheet for older learners with whatever grammar point you're working with from the lyrics "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves"

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  1. Having students rewrite the rules in their own words is a great idea that I had never thought of. I will definitely give it a try!

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