Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Voices from Georgia - Home now available

Now available on! The music featured on this compilation showcases a sample of talented student musicians and singers from schools of the English Language through Civic Education program (ELCE) in the Republic of Georgia (a U.S. Embassy, Tbilisi-funded project administered by PH International). In addition, talented local musicians perform from regions including: Samegrelo, Ajara and Kvemo Kartli. Songs featured include polyphonic singing, traditional Georgian folk melodies and arrangements ("popuri" or "medley") of popular Georgian melodies. (

All profits go back to education projects in Georgia.

Featured artists - Mirza Shvelidze (phanduri, bass phanduri, vocals), Anika Gabiskiria (phanduri), Dato Chkhapelia (vocals), Khvelchauri Boys Choir (vocals), Manana Vekua (vocals)Natia Kukava (phanduri, vocals)Peter Bohan (guitar), Tatia Sakhuria (vocals), Tsalenjikha School 1 Singers (vocals)

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