Sunday, December 30, 2012

Photo Collage for Interactive Tasks

 Guessing game: "What's my job?"

Each student is given images of 3-4 different occupations and writes them down.
Students then describe clues to the other students to guess each of the occupations. 
  1. Tell your partner where you work: “I often work in/at ______________”
  2. Tell your partner activities you do: “I usually  _____________”
  3. The your partner what you wear: “I typically wear____________”
  4. Tell your partner whom you work with: “I sometimes work with____________”
  5. Tell your partner what you see at work: “I always see _______________”

Frequency adverbs/present simple focus:

  1. I admire ____________because they always ...
  2. ____________have the most interesting job because they typically...
  3. ______________have the most difficult job because they never...
  4. _____________have the most fun job because they usually....
  5. I would like to be a _____________because they never....
  6. I would not like to be a ______________because they rarely...

Other interactive tasks:

Mime - students act out activities typical of the job to the partner/group to elicit name of vocation. 
Role play - students work in pairs/groups to create a short dialog (patient/doctor, policeman/citizen).

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