Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Volunteer Modals by Lela Chanturia, Batumi with Fun Assessment

Here's an interesting idea...get your students to use their phones to take pictures of the volunteering they did and then tell the others what they did!


- Introduce the concept of who is a volunteer. What is a volunteer? My students have are familiar with these verbs, so I write them on the board. (clean, help, plant, feed, visit, pick up)

- Review the modal structure. Create a wall chart to show how to construct the sentences.

pronoun     modal             base form        prounoun plus modal plus base form

I                   can                clean    
you              should            help
he                must               plant
she               will                 feed
it                                        visit
we                                      pick up

- Watch the video. Stop the video so students can see the structure and verbs again.

 - Ask students what they can do in school, at home, with old people, with animals. In the video, what are they doing (this is the continuous but you can modal that as well.  You can ask, "What can they do?" to keep using the modal structure.

 Assessment (you can explain in Georgian) Go home and outside and volunteer and do one nice thing for someone. Clean your room. Pick up trash. Visit your grandparents. Take a picture with your phone. Next class, everyone will say what they did and show their pictures. It will use the verbs again, and you can use the past tense. Make sure you check the work in your next class. Have each student stand up and speak and show their picture and say what they did. The class will really love the pictures.


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