Friday, May 4, 2012

Gift for Teacher - Kristine Tsulukidze, Batumi

Goals: language: new vocabulary, the months, speaking and writing; content: voting and democratic participation

- Tell your students that today, you're going to pretend it's YOUR (the teacher's) birthday!
- Have students form groups based on their birthday months (JAN/FEB/MARCH - APR/MAY/JUNE - JULY/AUG/SEPT - OCT/NOV/DEC) - have the months on the board BEFORE the class begins.
- In Georgian, explain the following: CAMPAIGN, VOTING BOOTH, BALLOT, VOTE, BALLOT BOX
- Once in groups, students brainstorm possible gifts from vocabulary they know, and then the choose two gift ideas.
- Write all 8 gifts on the board (be careful of repeated vocabulary) (general election).
- Have a vote by a show of hands, and pick the top 4 gifts.
- Students then pick one gift (one per group), draw campaigns and write sentences about the gifts (run-off election).
- Present the campaigns to class.
- If possible, reintroduce the words with the Powerpoint
- Have a secret vote to choose the final gift.
- Assessment - matching handout of vocabulary with definitions
- Have two students count the votes.  Announce results of the secret vote!

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