Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing for Hope

Semi-formal Emails should contain:

     Purpose of the letter
     Reasons in support of purpose
     Closing and signature

Example (taken from: Hope Letters):

Dear Japan,

I may not know anyone in Japan but even though I do not know anyone I am still thinking of all of you. Everything is a mess right now but it will get better in time. Everyone here keeps talking about how to help all of you that have been affected by this sad tragedy. We are thinking of fundraisers and helping organizations raise money.

I feel really bad that Japan was hit with a tsunami and a big earthquake. The people in Japan are really brave, strong, and hopeful. We are watching over you, and we hope everything gets better. Lots of love, hope, and thoughts go to all you in Japan. 

Love: A Middle
School Student

Activity Idea:

Students can write or type a simple "hope letter" to people affected by disasters in other parts of the world which provides opportunity for authentic assessment of writing (and brainstorming/outlining ideas before writing/rewriting) and actively involves them in volunteering their support in a real life event.

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