Tuesday, April 17, 2012

(Song) Keep the Park Clean

Before song:

Why do you think that Bert asks people to keep the park clean?
Why is it important? What reasons can you can think of?  Create a list with partner.

During song:

A boy in the park with a paper
From a sandwich on which he had fed,
Was about to drop it on the s____________
When a pigeon looked up and said:
Please keep the park clean for the pigeons
That is the ___________ thing to do

Throw all your trash in the b _ _ _ _ _
And we will say _________ you to you
Keep the park clean for the pigeons
When you eat c__________ or g _ _

When you leave trash on the sidewalk,
They can’t see bread crumbs to eat
Cracker jacks and chewing gum sticks to their _________

So, put trash in your p_________
If there’s no _____________ around
Please keep it to _______  _________ later

1 comment:

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