Friday, April 6, 2012

Nino's Friends (4-5 graders) and The Candy Lesson (3-4 graders), Kristine Tsukidze and Nino Mikeladze, Batumi

Nino's Friends

Based on an English story, this is a Georgian version with simple text that uses modals (can/can't). I showed the picture at the end of the reading and students realized that some people can do things, while others can't, but everyone can do something. For writing, students interview each other about what they can and can't do, write sentences, and then begin to put them into paragraphs. It takes two lessons to get the writing in, but the foundation is there for more writing.

Lesson plan, reader and worksheets

The International Candy Lesson

Basic reader and beginning sentences for early learners. VERY popular lesson for young learners. Nationalities and adjectives for describing candy, and students also write about their favorite candy. My favorite candy is ______ (name). It is from ______ (country). It is _______ (nationality). It is _______ (color). It is ________ (sweet/sour). I like ______ (name of candy). Students read their simple candy paragraph. While reading, have other students listen for what each student likes. It helps to focus them while each of them reads. After, ask questions. What does Giorgi like? He likes _____. You can make a game of the listening as well by having students in teams. Whichever teams listens closely and gets the most correct wins.

We used real examples of the candy (all available in Georgia) and then used them for prizes. You can modify the text for lower levels.

Lesson Plan
Handouts (but you can do this chart on the board as well)

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