Friday, March 9, 2012

Who was Saint Valentine?

Search for a legend about St. Valentine

Warm up (pairs/groups brainstorm):

What do people celebrate on Valentine's Day?
How do they celebrate? What do they do?
Who do you think St. Valentine was?

1.  A ban on marriages means people:
     a.  cannot meet     b.  cannot marry     c.  cannot date

2.  Valentine was:
     a.  a city official     b.  a Saint     c.  a priest

3.  Why was marriage prohibited by the emperor?
     a.  he hated love     b.  he needed soldiers     c.  to protect people

4.  A legend is:
     a.  a true story     b.  a folk/popular story     c.  a dream

5.  To outlaw something is to:
     a.  to allow it     b.  to ban it     c.  to begin it

Group Task:
Create your own legend of who St. Valentine was.
Describe to other groups/present to class

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