Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Valentine's Day material (Module 1)

Need help on generating material for your holiday lesson?

Try this... http://www.esl-kids.com/worksheets/worksheets.html
Under themes, choose Valentine. Then USE THESE WORDS. It generates ENDLESS material and exercises for your lesson. HURRAH! Free as well:)

Looking for a Valentine's Day unit? ESL Library has a whole section of flashcards and a ready made vocabulary review (scrambled words and a crossword puzzle).

Great review of the words for classtime, and the crossword puzzle for homework? Make your life easier. The reading is higher level but the vocabulary is eas(ier). If you don't want to make copies, use the scrambled words as a on-the-board warm-up exercise.

For older students and mixed-level classes: Valentine's Day vocabulary

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