Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Integrated Skills Task ("Heroes" poems)

Pre-Reading: Students brainstorm examples of ordinary people who are heroes in pairs/groups. Who are they? Why are they heroes? Teacher elicits ideas and compiles bank/list on board.

Reading: Students read the two poems: Student A reads first poem and Student B second poem; each read silently and underline any vocabulary words they cannot understand from context. Teacher elicits from group any unfamiliar vocabulary and helps students to formulate synonyms/definitions.

 Post Reading: Student A describes to Student B and then Student B describes to Student A what poem about in his/her own words. What were the qualities of the heroes in each poem? Each tries to describe what the quality of the heroes described in the poem were. Together, they create a list of common and different qualities of each hero. Students swap papers and read each the other poem before completing the list of differences/similarities.

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